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That's one way to deal with it...

February 11th, 2011 at 03:47 pm

Happy Friday!

So instead of my lightning fast plan to pay off the van, I decided yesterday to trade it in and buy a brand new car! I couldn't stand that van any longer and just knew I'd need to start putting money into it. The new car is so nice. And it actually puts us into a better financial spot anyway. Which sounds really weird.

And my daughter is thrilled that she won't have to learn how to drive in the van.

Good news is we have a month off from vehicle payments (for me).

And Aldi's saves the budget again with 5 bags of groceries plus 3 gallons of milk for $89!!!!

Dreaming of a New Couch

February 2nd, 2011 at 07:20 am

My husband and I have been to the same furniture twice to oogle at the same sectional. I would love to have this couch, it costs roughly $2300. Our current couch has reclining ends and because of the weird way it's constructed, the middle's springs have broken. We call the middle of the couch "the hole" because you sink. The best deal they had last time was only 6 months free financing...so that's almost 400 a month. Too high for me, while trying to have off the vehicle loans.

Monday, we received a preferred customer card from the same furniture store for 1/3 off anything and free finance (with monthly payments) until 2012. That's 11 payments of under 200 each. My husband said to just go buy the darn thing already.

Today I threw the card in the recycling. I will live with my broken couch until I can pay cash for the new one.

Doesn't mean I won't grumble about it...